Winter Skills Day at Lake Morey
Saturday, January 9, 2010
This day of winter skills workshops is offered by the Hulbert Outdoor Center in conjunction with the Lake Morey WinterFest and Skate-athon. Course fees: $25 each, includes lunch. Meals and lodging packages are available. All workshop participants must pre-register. Use the Online Registration Form or Printable Registration Form to register. All course fees are due in full upon registration. To register by phone (using Mastercard or Visa only), or for more information, please call Lynn Daly at (802) 333-3405. You can also fax to Lynn's attention at (802) 333-3404.

2010 Winter Skills Day Workshop Schedule

Selected Course Descriptions
Basics of Winter Camping. Instructor: Julie Clemons.
Experience the beauty of winter while camping. Learn how you can travel comfortably and safely in the cold by having a bit of knowledge and experience. Class will cover topics such as shelter, dress, food, boots, snowshoes, packs and stoves. Steve is the author of AMC's Winter Camping.

Introduction to Nordic Skating. Instructor Jamie Hess.
Experience the centuries old art of Scandinavian style cross country skating across a frozen lake. Learn how to skate efficiently and safely across all types of ice surfaces, and how to test the ice for strength and safety. Be able to take your own "wild skating" tour. All equipment supplied.

Basics of Traditional Winter Travel and Camping. Instructor Andy Williams.
There is an increasing interest in traditional winter travel, pulling a toboggan and setting up a traditional wall-tent with a stove for what is called "warm camping." Learn about the basics of this traditional art of camping. Discuss types of toboggans, tents, stoves and foot gear with Andy Williams, Director of the Hulbert Outdoor Center.

Food For Winter Camping - Stoking the Furnace. Instructor Andy Williams.
One of the first lines of defense against the cold is what you are putting into your "furnace." Learn about types of food, caloric needs and techniques for food preparation for cold weather travel. Discuss types of stoves, and systems for transport. Andy Williams is the Director of the Hulbert Outdoor Center.